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Norfolk County’s New Web Archives

BLOGNorfolk County Archives recently received private funding through the Community Webs Program for a subscription to an Archive-It account. Archive-It is a web archiving service developed and maintained by the non-profit Internet Archive. The software enables organizations to build and share archived collections of websites, social media, and other web documents and materials. In our increasingly online world, web archiving – the process of capturing and preserving portions of the World Wide Web and making them available for future use – is becoming a critical aspect of archival...

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ESB Moore Photograph Donation

BLOGA very neat discovery from a recent donation of photographic negatives. The collection consisted of approximately 400 cellulose acetate negatives, mostly portraits. When we first received the donation the photographer was unknown but we knew the photographer was local from the surnames etched on the negatives. A volunteer noticed that the etching on the negatives was very similar to the etching on the glass plate negatives from our large ESB Moore photograph collection. Since we have the registers of photographer ESB Moore, we checked the numbers etched on the cellulose acetate negatives...

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