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Permanent Exhibits

Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre

Alternative Agriculture in Norfolk County

Did you know that Norfolk County is the number one grower of many fruits and vegetables in Ontario? Come and learn about some of the other interesting and unique crops grown in the area such as popping corn and lavender!


Ginseng is quickly gaining popularity in Norfolk County and can be seen throughout in many different parts. Come learn about Ginseng and its history in the county.

Tobacco in Canada

Follow the stages of growing tobacco in Norfolk County as you admire the equipment used in years gone by.

Norfolk County Archives

Eva Brook Donly – Coming Soon

The Eva Brook Donly Museum’s collection is still housed at the location, however, select items are now exhibited at the other Norfolk County museums since the archives operations has become the main focus for the location. The main level of the heritage home is still open to the public when it is used for archival exhibits. Coming Soon – the former dining room will become a dedicated Eva Brook Donly tribute exhibit to be open year-round.

Port Dover Harbour Museum

Main Gallery

Visitors can enjoy exhibits that explore the marine history of Port Dover, along with the history of the community. Learn about the Burning of Dover during the War of 1812, explore the rich boat building tradition in the community, learn about the shipwrecks of Lake Erie and some of the acts of heroism that took place along the lakeshore. Highlights include Captain Alexander McNeilledge, Abigail Becker and the Four Brave Girls.


In 1852 the steamer Atlantic sank off of Long Point. This tragedy resulted in the largest loss of life on Lake Erie. For over a century, divers searched for the elusive shipwreck. In 1984, the wreck was discovered by Mike Fletcher, who recovered many items from the ship. Visit the exhibit to learn about the history of this tragic occurrence and to see come of the recovered objects.

William P. Snyder Jr. Wheelhouse

Visit our authentic freighter wheelhouse, salvaged from the William P. Snyder Jr., a Great Lakes freighter, built in 1912.

MacDonald Family Net Shanty

Step inside the MacDonald family’s original net shanty to discover the history of commercial fishing through the tools and equipment used in the industry.

Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum

Agricultural Hall of Fame

Launched in 2014 by the Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum, the Norfolk County Agricultural Hall of Fame aims to honour “achievements, results, benefits, and innovations accrued to agriculture and rural development on a local and/or broader basis as a result of the nominee’s volunteer and paid activities.”

The nomination committee makes yearly selections from applications submitted by the public. To nominate a deserving member of our community, fill out and return the form below to the Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum.

NOTE: Nominations for 2023 Agricultural Hall of Fame inductees will be accepted next year. Updates will be available here on our social media pages.