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Norfolk County’s New Web Archives


Norfolk County Archives recently received private funding through the Community Webs Program for a subscription to an Archive-It account. Archive-It is a web archiving service developed and maintained by the non-profit Internet Archive. The software enables organizations to build and share archived collections of websites, social media, and other web documents and materials. In our increasingly online world, web archiving – the process of capturing and preserving portions of the World Wide Web and making them available for future use – is becoming a critical aspect of archival practice. A typical web page can be expected to last approximately 90-100 days before changing, moving, or disappearing completely. Social media content is no different. Over 10% of event related content posted to social media platforms is lost after one year. With the new platform the County Archives has the ability to capture this digital content and preserve it, whether its content created by the County or by community organizations. The digital web archives is searchable through the online portal at If you are a part of a community organization that would like to have your website regularly archived in Norfolk County’s new web archives, please reach out to us so we can add you to our regularly scheduled crawls!