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Current Exhibits

DTMHC – Tobacco Kilns of Norfolk County

Runs May – October, 2024
Exact dates TBD

Scattered across Norfolk County are tobacco kilns, remnants of a once vibrant industry. Larry Monczka’s stunning photographs capture the beauty of these gently decaying buildings while documenting the architectural artifacts that were synonymous with the history of the region.

DTMHC – Feeding the Gangs: Culinary Arts on the Farm

Runs March 23 – December 31, 2024

The young men on the farm worked up a great appetite harvesting tobacco. Sometimes feeding 20 young men daily takes planning, skill, and strength. Hear their stories through Shirley Glendinning and the Canadian Tobacco Grower magazine and learn about their essential contribution to the industry. The exhibition will also display a different monthly recipe highlighting their culinary expertise.

WHAM – Words and Plowshares

Runs October 4, 2024 – February 29, 2025

Critical to Canada’s war efforts was the battle on the “Industrial Front” fought by the factories of the nation, and no manufacturer modeled this better than the Cockshutt Plow Company. With a workforce comprised largely of women, their products served in the farmer’s field, the battlefield, and took flight in combat. This fascinating legacy carried on into the Cold War Era.

PDHM – From Her Hands: Norfolk’s Women Potters in the 1960’s & 70’s

Coming May 2024

We’ll explore women potters in Norfolk County during the 1960’s and 70’s, with emphasis on the work of Donna Matthews, Donna Ryerse and Ruth Peets. Co-curated by local folk artist Jeremy Hayes.

Do you have pieces you could loan? Please reach out to PDHM Curator Katie Graham at [email protected] or call 519-426-5870 x1036

WHAM – Bottled Spirits (& Pop)

Runs Friday, October 2 – Thursday, February 29, 2024

This featured exhibit highlights Ontario’s bottling history through nearly 150 years of glass and stoneware vessels – ginger beers, sodas and siphons. You’ll be amazed at the variety and ingenuity of this bottling industry.

WHAM – The Innovation of Cockshutt

Runs October 1, 2023  February 29, 2024

Founded as the Brantford plow Works by James G. Cockshutt in 1877, the Cockshutt Plow Company was responsible for nearly a century of agricultural innovation with the launch of tractors, combines and farm implements. In partnership with Laurier University, Brantford and the Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre, this will be a featured exhibition in the Agricultural Gallery.

WHAM – Textile Tenacity: Charitable Quilting In Ontario

Runs November 2, 2024 – February 20, 2025

Quilting if often thought of as a nostalgic hobby with a homey purpose. The truth is far more complicated. Quilts have been used for fundraising purposes for over a century. The funds that community quilting projects have raised have helped to build churches, equip hospitals and win wars. This exhibition explores this other purposeful side of quilting and the tenacity women show by raising money through crafts when their community is in need.

WHAM is holding an Opening Gala on Sunday, November 5, 2024 beginning at 2:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

WHAM – Industries that Shaped Our Communities

Runs through 2024

In collaboration with the Canadian Industrial Heritage Centre and Museums in Brant County, a rotating series of pop-up exhibits highlighting various industrial histories of local and regional interest will be showcased at WHAM during the year. 

PDHM Tell A Story: Lake Erie’s Shoreline and Surrounding Heritage in Norfolk County

Fish tugs in Port Dover's Harbour

Runs January 13 – April 13, 2024

Encompassing harbors, ports and farmland as photographed by members of shutterbugs, Shutterbugs is an online photography club, started in 2018 by Jo Thomason and Susan Olmstead as a means to connect with photographers. It’s based in Port Dover, Ontario. 

The group’s goal is to help make members better photographers by encouraging camera use and sharing artistic and technical knowledge through monthly challenges, events/outings and social gathering. This is done by submitting photos for viewing and discussion by members. The group has limited membership and participation is strongly encouraged.

There are currently ten members, the majority of which are local, but some hail from other parts of Ontario and the United States. 

NCA For Home and Country: The Women’s Institutes of Norfolk County

For Home and County

Norfolk County’s Women’s Institutes recorded local history and fostered community development. The exhibit highlights their contributions as an active community organization through their fair entries, community history compilations, and events!

Join us at the Archives to learn about the work of our local Women’s Institutes and their impact on Norfolk County.