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Agricultural Hall of Fame

Hellyer Ginseng (2018)

Hellyer Ginseng

Hellyer Ginseng began in the 1890s when Clarence and Albert Hellyer, two brothers from Townsend Centre, embarked on an agricultural experiment that would eventually result in a large-scale, commercial industry.

The brothers cultivated seeds from wild root discovered right here in Norfolk County. The strain they developed is still in use in today’s ginseng fields.  Subsequent generations of the Hellyer family continued to grow ginseng and made significant strides in the cultivation, marketing and exporting of this important agricultural commodity.  Their hard work and ingenuity laid the groundwork for the thriving Ontario ginseng industry we know today.

Did You Know?

North American and Asian Ginseng differ in their chemical composition and each appears to have distinct biological effects. These two types of ginseng are thought to be complementary from a traditional medicine point of view. For example, the Chinese perceive North American ginseng to be more yin – meaning it is used to reduce “heat” in the body. In comparison, Asian ginseng is thought to be more yang – meaning it is used to raise “heat” in the body. The term “heat”, in the context of traditional Chinese medicine, does not have the same connotation as it does in North America.